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Rosie’s Girls TECH Camp Recap

by Ellen

Rosie's Girls TECH February Break Camp

By VWW Youth Team, and Ellen Tierney, Marketing and Communications Specialist 

Vermont Works for Women, in partnership with four Burlington based companies, hosted the first ever Rosie’s Girls TECH February break camp! Campers spent each day visiting one of four locations: Marvell, OnLogic, GlobalFoundries, and Beta Technologies.

One of our goals at Vermont Works for Women is to build opportunities for girls and gender expansive youth to envision themselves in careers they might not otherwise consider – careers that might be a little less obvious, ones where women are still underrepresented, or jobs they couldn’t even imagine existing. Rosie’s Girls TECH fulfilled that goal for each camper, and they went home knowing far more about the opportunities available to them in science, technology, engineering and math – in Vermont!


Campers started the week learning about semiconductors. They played Railroad Ink, a game that challenged their problem solving skills, experimented with snap circuits, and got creative with programming Scratch the cat! Marvell staff then led the campers on a tour of their onsite lab to see and touch semiconductors and wafers, helping them to better understand how they are made and how they work. After lunch, Laura Chadwick, who is also VWW board member, facilitated an all-woman career panel where employees discussed their career journeys and experiences being “the only” woman in STEM classes or work meetings. They also shared their advice on how middle schoolers can pursue interests in STEM: try everything, seek out opportunities, and be proud of your passion for math and science! 

Rosie's Girls camper experiments with snap circuits at Marvell. Rosie's Girls TECH campers play with programming at Marvell.






It’s not every day you get to build a computer! (Unless you work at OnLogic). Campers worked in pairs to build a computer from start to finish. They learned about each component along the way, used power drills and screw drivers, and gained an appreciation for all the small parts and intricate details that makes these machines work. After testing their computers, campers enjoyed a delicious lunch and tour of OnLogic’s new building, which included meeting electrical and mechanical engineers, seeing 3D modeling software and prototypes, and a walkthrough of their warehouse and production space.

Two Rosie's Girls Campers build a computer at OnLogic.

Rosie's Girls TECH Campers assemble computers at OnLogic.






On Thursday, the Rosie’s Girls crew visited GlobalFoundries, one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers. To understand the photolithography process that is used to pattern semiconductors, campers experimented with using various light sources to transfer stencil images onto sun paper. They trialed aluminum heat lamps, a UV light, and February Vermont sunshine. Next, campers simulated the process of etching semiconductors using Scotch tape, Tums, and vinegar. Finally, campers devised various ways to safely “ship a chip,” which underscored the fragility of microchips and the vast supply chain through which they travel!  

Rosie's Girls TECH campers try photolithography at GlobalFoundries

Rosie's Girls campers try the "ship the chip" challenge at GlobalFoundries





Beta Technologies

On the final day of camp, our Rosie’s Girls campers had a chance to visit Beta Technologies, an aerospace company focused on developing and manufacturing electric aircraft. Campers learned about women in aviation who made history and broke barriers as pilots, mechanics, and flight attendants. They met with several women who work at Beta to ask questions and learn more about their roles in various engineering, legal, and welding departments. A full tour of the facility gave campers a look at motor design and testing, the evolution of the aircraft battery pack, and, of course, the ALIA aircraft. After lunch, campers learned about pre-flight protocol and had the opportunity to sit in a Cessna and ALIA aircraft. They also tested their pilot skills with Beta’s ALIA flight simulator. 

Rosie's Girls camper see Beta's electric airplane

Rosie's Girls camper tries Beta's flight simulator





Response from Campers

88% Agreed: Rosie’s Girls taught me I can do more than I thought I could 

75% Agreed: Because of Rosie’s Girls I have new ideas about what I can be when I grow up 

44% increased confidence 

78% increased sense of connection 

67% increased in at least one area of expanded possibility  

Special Thank You’s to Burlington Technical Center for opening your doors to Rosie’s Girls each day and to our Serve, Learn, Earn partner, the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps, for loaning us a van for the week!  


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