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Rosie’s Girls Afterschool Returns to Swanton and Winooski

by Jillian Scannell

Students participating in Rosie's Girls Afterschool make a cornhole set with a drill

By: Ada Case and Sarah Raimondi, VWW Youth Program Coordinators

Rosie’s Girls Afterschool sessions are now in full swing in Swanton and Winooski! The afterschool version of the Rosie’s Girls summer camp provides middle-school age girls and gender-expansive youth the opportunity to explore STEM and the skilled trades through hands-on activities. 


Swanton Elementary School is partnering with Vermont Works for Women (VWW) to host Rosie’s Girls afterschool bi-weekly.  Participants in Swanton will each create two custom projects: a wooden keepsake box and a hanging organizer which can display jewelry, sunglasses, or anything else they desire. During the process of building each of these items, students will gain exposure to several tools, including hammers, jigsaws, drills, and wood burners. 


VWW’s new Youth Program Coordinators, Ada Case and Sarah Raimondi, are also leading a seven-week Rosie’s Girls Afterschool program at Winooski Middle School. They are grateful to have additional support from Camryn Benner, a senior at Rice High School who is excited to be involved with the program. Participants in the Winooski program are building a set of wooden cornhole boards and beanbags to gift to the school. Two sessions into the program, the participants have constructed the frames for both cornhole boards using hammers and nails. They are eager to begin using power tools, like a jigsaw and drill. 

Rosie's girls student uses sander on cornhole leg

Student uses a jigsaw at Rosie's Girls Afterschool

Power Skills

In addition to projects, both programs also incorporate activities from the Rosie’s Girls Power Skills curriculum which supports students’ development of social and emotional skills. Both the Winooski and Swanton programs began by creating a Team Pact – a set of guidelines youth agree to uphold throughout the program. Some of the other Power Skills students will learn this fall include Challenge by Choice, which encourages youth to try things that are outside of their comfort zone, and X-Ray Vision, which promotes focusing on inner qualities rather than physical appearance. 

It is amazing to watch these two groups of Rosie’s Girls Afterschool participants break down gender stereotypes, build confidence, and learn hands-on skills while having fun and making new friends. 

If you are interested in bringing Rosie’s Girls Afterschool to your school, reach out to our Youth Team at 

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