VWW Template: Goal Action Plan

Studies have shown that people who write down their goals and a plan to reach it are more likely to achieve them. Writing it down helps hold you accountable and stay motivated.

Goal Action Plans ensures goals meet the SMART criteria. For example, it might be to work towards developing/improving the skill or ability. If your plan has more than 4 action steps, you might need to break your plan into multiple plans but be sure to limit the number of plans you are working on at one time. Too many plans at once increases your risk of not completing the plan.

Once you complete your plan, put it someplace where you can see it regularly (perhaps take a picture on your phone, put by your bed) as a daily reminder of your goal and its importance to you.

To download the template, click on the following link:

VWW Template: Goal Action Plan (Word)

VWW Template: Goal Action Plan (pdf)