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Greetings, from our new interim executive director Angela Wells

Angela Wells, Interim Executive Director

Because you are a friend and ally of Vermont Works for Women, I’d like to personally introduce myself and share my excitement about joining this strong, dynamic team.

While there is still much to absorb about VWW, two observations really stand out for me so far:

The first is the tremendous talent, commitment, tireless efforts, and depth of caring that our staff and board bring to our mission and to the women and girls we serve.

The second is the deep community ties and support that sustain our work every day and that make possible the flexibility and innovation needed to adapt in our constantly changing world.

Clearly, VWW is well poised to build on its long history and proven track-record of helping Vermonters. I’m excited to join this organization that “makes things happen.”

And should you be interested in knowing a bit more about my background, I’ve included a press release here that was sent to the media last week. With much gratitude for your continued support.


step up to information technology transitional jobs

Train to work in a
commercial kitchen!


(accepting applications

Step Up
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Transitional Jobs

(coming in October)

National Camping Magazine features Rosie’s Girls

group brains_small       RG110_small       RG120_small       RG357_small
click on an image to read the full story“My 10th grade history student addressed me tentatively in response to a classroom question, ‘Ms. Bluemle, I may be totally wrong, but…’ I could barely focus on the rest of her sentence, as I was fixated on its conciliatory beginning. Leslie had been the feistiest of sixth graders, challenging peers and teachers at every turn. She had not apologized for raising her hand. She had never before trailed off in a discussion. But where her voice had once commanded attention, in four years it had been reduced to a near-whisper.” read more

Learn about a Rosie’s Girls program near you.

Or check out our Dirt Divas mountain bike camp!


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