ACTIVITY: Identify Your Transferable Skills

Grab a piece of paper and something to write with or whatever works best for you to capture your thoughts.

To download this activity and work offline, please click on the following link: Activity – Identify Your Transferable Skills

The following activity is to help you recognize skills you have, and may not be aware of, that may be transferable to a variety of jobs and/or careers.

STEP 1 – YOUR SHINING MOMENT: Think about and write down one experience or “shining moment” you’ve had at a job, at school, in a volunteer or service experience, or in your life. Be sure to:

  1. Describe the situation
  2. Tell what you needed to solve, any expectations, any challenges
  3. Describe the action you took and how you did it
  4. Explain the result (outcome, accomplishments, rewards, impact)

STEP 2 – YOUR TRANSFERABLE SKILLS: Write down all the transferable skills associated with your story. Below are only a few examples to consider but there may be other skills you may have used in your story and not shown in these examples. Please feel free to add your own.

STEP 3 – PRIORITIZE YOUR FAVORITE SKILLS: List your top five to ten favorite skills that you would most enjoy utilizing in your work (even if you need to further develop that skill).

Consider repeating this activity by creating up to five or six more stories, identifying the skills you used in those situations, and prioritizing those skills most important to you. This may help you focus your job search efforts on your most favorite or highest priority skills and strengths.

When you have completed this activity, press “Submit” to continue.