Tips for Finding Something New

  1. Be open-minded! Don’t take anything off the table.
    • Broaden the scope of what jobs you think are possible for you.
      • What jobs have you always been curious about, or thought you might like?
      • What jobs have you seen your friends do that you always thought were really interesting?
      • What jobs have you dismissed because you thought, “I’m a woman, that’s not for me”? Think again!
    • Read every job post and ask yourself:
      • Would this job meet my priorities?
      • Does it interest me?
      • Would I want to try that kind of work? (You don’t have to do it forever!)
      • Am I capable of learning how to do that job? (Don’t focus on if you could do the job right this moment – most jobs require at least some on-the-job training.)
    • Do your homework.
      • Do some research about jobs that interest you.
      • Try taking some career assessments.
      • Conduct informational interviews with people whos jobs or companies you are curious about.
  2. “Am I qualified?” should NOT be the first thing you ask yourself.
    • Men apply to jobs when they’re only 60% qualified, women only apply when they’re 100% qualified.
    • This is an excellent time to be looking for a job and to be changing careers if that is your desire.  The unemployment rate in Vermont is really low (<3%). Many employers are having a hard time finding reliable, hardworking people to fill open positions – not even people with experience, just people who are willing to work and have a good attitude!
    • It is possible that you may be the most qualified person that applies!  You may have some other skills or experience that they are excited about.
  3. Consider a job in the trades, manufacturing, or STEM.
    • Benefits of jobs in the trades, manufacturing or STEM include:
      • Higher wages
      • High demand areas – you’ll be able to find a job!
      • Many are unionized, i.e., good benefits
      • Low-cost and no-cost training options
      • Established career ladder, opportunities for growth and increased earnings, stackable credentials

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