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VWW's office remains closed as staff primarily work remotely. Please contact us in advance if you need to visit our Winooski office; our team is available via phone or email.


Tech@Work is a speaker series that introduces students to gender-diverse role models in their fields of interest and provides opportunities for career exploration. Tech@Work brings local industry professionals – predominately women or gender-expansive individuals – to talk with students about their experiences in a nontraditional career field for their gender. 

Although this program focuses primarily on gender, Vermont Works for Women is committed to highlighting Tech@Work speakers who hold other diverse identities as well, including race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, lived life experiences, and education level. Representation matters – especially in role models for young people. 

Tech@Work Goals

  • Meet Diverse Role Models

    Introduce students to diverse role models here in Vermont and in their local community

  • Explore Career Pathways

    Discuss career options and pathways in students’ field of interest

  • Expand Sense of Possibility

    Expand students’ sense of possibility for themselves beyond gender stereotypes

  • Build Confidence

    Build confidence for nontraditional students in tech center programs

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