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Step Up to Information Technology

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Step Up to Information Technology
 is a newly designed, 16-week (115-hour) training program for women interested in working in the web/technology industry, or returning to it. Our first-ever Step Up to IT was held at the Center for Technology Essex (CTE) from January-May 2015 and provided a grounding in and overview of technology-related careers; exposure to over 30 role models and professionals working in those fields; front-end web development coding classes; and ongoing one-on-one job coaching.

College StudentsThe ever-growing field of information technology offers exciting, fun and creative opportunities.


Key components of Step Up to Information Technology include:

  • Instruction and practical application in HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Introductory classes in WordPress and Git/Github
  • Introduction to social media and marketing concepts, Photoshop, Google Analytics, database management & manipulation
  • Overview of technology-related careers in Vermont
  • Introduction to female professionals working in the field
  • Soft-skills employment development: resume & cover letter preparation, social media presence, interviewing and communications skills, and negotiating salaries


Our tuitions are set depending on length and scope of the program. Generous financial aid is available for eligible participants, who rarely pay the full amount. We strive to ensure that cost is not a barrier to program participation.

We are grateful to numerous employer partners, who have offered consultation and assistance in program development:


This program is made possible through funding from a Wider Opportunities for Women grant (funded by the Walmart Foundation) and Vermont Department of Labor.

Please contact:Rachel Jolly, Director of Women’s Programs
[email protected], 802.655.8900, ext. 108

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